With nearly 60 active members and doubling our size since 2018, the Las Vegas Men’s Chorus continues to uphold our love for the music and performance. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you for our next open rehearsals.

Winter Concert

Tenor 1

Michael Amesquita, Erick Fields, Christopher Gamboa, David Johnson, James Koperski, Steve Reser, Kevin Rhodes, Peter Vega, Mike Winget, Gary Sackett, David Pohl

Tenor 2

Gregory Acosta, Nephtali Albajadejo (Angel), Issac Burkholz, Marcos Chalijub, TJ Dahna, Adam Denzler, Christian Garcia, Matthew Garrett, Todd Gerber, Benjamin Hensley, Ralph Lozano, Sammy Mendoza, Michael Morell, Michael Nagy, Jay Regala, Patrick Smith (Paddy), Jonathan Tuala, Jeff Stults


Daiki Anjiki, Steve B., Jeff Chase, Frank Coombs, Cesar Galaviz, Richard Hendrickson, Art Hernandez, James Long, Edwin Martinez, Evan Maza, Mark McCreery, Reed Merrell, Brad M., Theodore Nededog, Shannon Plucker, Willoughby Potter de Grimaldi, Justin Reed, Daniel Sanchez


Dennis Aragon, Graham Bates, Fred Crescente, Dominic Gaon, Cherokee Hines, Ed Humphrey, Reilly Maza, Matthew Morrissette, Dennis Noble, Bernie Russell, Aaron Schave, Tim Vogl, Brandon Smith, Jimmy Mann